March 7, 2001

Interbind releases IBX 0.9 XML messaging server

Author: JT Smith

Interbind writes "Interbind, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of version 0.9 of its XML Messaging Server (IBX). The latest version of IBX expands the capabilities of the previous version to include support for connections using HTTP and offers a preview of SOAP messaging support.

The latest version is available for free download on our developer website: Complete documentation and full release notes are also available at our developer site.

What's New in IBX 0.9

· Supports HTTP version 1.1.
· Configurable port number
· Transmits any message type safely over HTTP, including serialized objects

· Requires support for both inbound and outbound HTTP connections at each node (this restriction will be relaxed in a future release of IBX)

· HTTP connections do not yet support automatic retransmission of lost messages

· Preliminary SOAP message support, including a primitive object model for constructing SOAP requests and extracting values from responses. More extensive SOAP support will appear in IBX version 1.0.

· A sample SOAP relay service: This sample service acts as a SOAP client and relays the response from a remote SOAP service to another IBX node for processing.

· Improved message handling under load: a number of changes were made to the message handling subsystem to make messaging more robust and reliable, significantly increasing the message load which the system can handle in a typical configuration.

What's Changed in IBX 0.9

There have been significant changes in the .net, .protocol, .message and related packages to support HTTP. However, these do not affect any of the higher-level interfaces used to register services, open sessions and exchange messages between nodes.

About Interbind, Inc.

Interbind develops middleware for Web Services. Interbind software is based on the premise that service-oriented, peer-to-peer software will enable business processes to migrate from manual person-browser-system connections (Web applications) to automated system-interface-system relationships (Web Services). Interbind software allows companies to expose their enterprise systems as Web Services and to connect to other Web Services in a secure manner while simplifying the complexities of integrating distributed systems. Interbind, Inc. is privately held and headquartered in New York City."

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