October 12, 2004

Interest in the Open Game License in Korea?

Tavis Allison writes "The Korea Game Development Institute has invited Behemoth3, Inc. to attend the 2004 Seoul Global Game Export Plaza as a guest of KOTRA, a trade promotion agency of the Korean government. What's interesting is that the Game Expo is focused on helping Korean software companies build overseas connections, but Behemoth3 is in the "pen and paper" roleplaying business; its Masters and Minions books use the Open Game License to celebrate the classic monsters of Dungeons and Dragons. The market leader in the Korean MMORPG industry, NC Soft, may have picked up on the power of open source content development when it attended the largest roleplaying convention in North America, Gen Con Indy. Roleplaying games using the Open Game License dominated the convention this year, as they have done ever since Wizards of the Coast, Inc. released the rules for the world's most popular RPG as open content."


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