November 9, 2003

An Interesting Observation: the Forbes connection?

Author: Chuck Talk

agentorange writes "It seems that Daniel Lyons, a regular contributor to Forbes, is planning to write an article by November 24th, 2003 wherein we will now see the SCO Group actually sue a corporate Linux user in Hollywood. At least that is what we can surmise if we go here on the Forbes website. In fact, this may be an effort to enlist the money from Hollywoodâs MPAA and the RIAA crowd to try to get them to buy into the SCO groupâs cause.

It also may indicate that the SCO group is feeding Mr. Lyonâs information to use him to further their FUD plans. We will certainly see, as he seems to be planning to release an article entitled a âTest Caseâ as early as November 10, 2003. Of course, this may only be him testing posting an article, but I suspect he has better access to the SCO Group, as many other journalists do not seem as willing to join in the good old SCO Group FUD endeavors as Mr. Lyons has and apparently continues to be.


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