October 18, 2005

International Free Software Forum Call For Papers

Pablo Lorenzzoni writes "Once again, the Projeto Software Livre Brasil (Brazilian Free Software Project) is pleased to announce the call for papers for the 7th edition of its International Forum - fisl7.0. Proposals due on December 4th 2005.

Past events already gathered around 5 thousand people, and had over 400 talks/sessions given by Free/Libre and Open Source Software developers and advocates. Past speakers include FSF's Richard Stallman and Timoty Ney, OSI's Eric Raymond, Linux International's Jon 'maddog' Hall, FSF-Europe's Georg Greve, HP's Bdale Garbee and Jim Gettys, Ximian's Miguel de Icaza, MySQL's David Axmark, LTSP's Jim McQuillan, Sun's Simon Phipps, KDE's Martin Konold, Debian's Martin Michlmayr, Postfix's Wietse Venema, Sendmail's Eric Allman, FreeBSD's Marshall Kirk McKusick, Linux's Marcelo Tosatti, IBM's Dan McGee, WindowMaker's Alfredo Kojima, just to mention the most prominent ones.

Past editions had participants from Germany, Argentina, Spain, USA, France, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, Sweden, Japan, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Canada, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. More than 12 thousand people watched fisl6.0 via Free Software TV, more to be expected this year."

Link: fisl.softwarelivre.org

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