May 14, 2003

Internet Archive Selects 2Convert's PDF Technology

Charles Barr writes "On May 8th the Internet Archive and integrated their services allowing users of the Internet Archives Wayback Machine to create pdf documents of archived web pages. The service is useful for Wayback Machine users who need a local pdf record of any given web page stored in the Wayback Machines database of all web pages from 1996 to today.

To use the pdf conversion service, check out the Advance Search Page of the Wayback machine at ml. Once you are there you need to enter a URL, click "List all pages that match the search criteria" and then check the "Provide links to a service that will convert a version of the web page to the PDF format." The results page will show you PDF icons with all of the search results, click a pdf icon and it will walk you through the conversion process for the date listed next to the icon.

This is the first large-scale implementation of 2converts web page to pdf technology and we are very interested to hear from users about their individual conversion experience. The basis of our solution is the Redhat 8, KDE, and the Konqueror browser. Please try the service and send an e-mail to with your comments, criticisms, and suggestions."


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