September 11, 2001

Internet C++ goes GPL

Author: JT Smith

Bob Dayley writes: "Internet C++/IVM, a high-speed open-source alternative to
Java and .NET now carries a GPL license.
Containing a complete virtualized operating system, C++ programs can be
ported and run in any environment supporting the virtual machine. Now,
featuring a new OpenGL 1.2 API, IVM promises to deliver high-speed gaming and
entertainment to the Internet. The GCC compiler and several libraries are
available, and are now part of an ongoing project at SourceForge.

Internet C++ may be found at

We have released Internet C++ to the public as a GPL project
in hopes that the public may define its own standards for the future of the
Internet, and that Internet C++ is useful in this process.

Internet C++ is an ongoing project and could use all the
volunteers it can get, to define and implement this new standard. If you would like to be part of this
project at SourceForge, please contact us at"


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