October 9, 2001

Internet Exchange Messaging Server ensures reliable anti-virus protection for Linux

Author: JT Smith

Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5.1, a high-end, user-friendly messaging server, well known for its integrated outstanding anti-virus feature has been recently released by International Messaging Associates (IMA). Its anti-virus capability has been further enhanced through the addition of an Attachment Removal Filter Module and a Messaging Queue Open API. IEMS5.1 can run on a single machine or in a distributed environment. Its various modules can, separately, run on Windows and Linux platforms in a multi-platform environment.

Messaging experts view this as something unusual but highly recommended in today's multi-platform environments. IEMS5.1 virus detection and protection system consists of a multi-threaded Anti-virus Module, a Attachment Removal Filter Module, and a Message Queue Open API that further allows third party developers to build customized filter or gateway modules.

"The architecture of IEMS's anti-virus engine is designed precisely for cross-platform interoperability. One can run the Message Store Module and MTA Module on Linux platform and at the same time running third party anti-virus software of their choice on Windows platform in another machine, for example, Windows 98", IMA president Tim Kehres said.

It is apparent that there is no other messaging server that runs on Linux that can support Windows-based virus scanning software running on the Windows operating system. Until recently, the efforts of most anti-virus software developers have been focused to support Windows-based systems. But Linux, among other platforms, has been growing in recent years at a pace greater than Windows in the server market. However, the sophistication of Linux-based anti-virus software for email systems has not kept pace with those operating on a Windows environment.

IEMS5.1 addresses this disparity. It allows users to actually choose the best available virus scanning software if Linux platform is their choice for messaging server. It also provides users with the option to use a single anti-virus engine, or install several anti-virus applications complementing each other -- virtually creating a total, multi-layered anti-virus protection system in any environment.

IEMS 5.1 support for anti-virus engines includes Windows and Linux operable software, such as Sophos Anti-virus, MacAfee ViruScan, Norton Anti-Virus, F-Prot Professional Anti-Virus Package, and Gecad's Reliable Anti-Virus (RAV) Software.

The open source Attachment Removal Filter Module of IEMS5.1 contains a preprocessor plug-in library of pre-configured file name extensions and/or MIME types that are notorious for carrying viruses. The module checks the type of email attachment against the library. If the type is an unwelcome one, IEMS automatically deletes the attachment and sends a notification message to the postmaster. IEMS5.1 provides a user-friendly GUI that allows systems administrators to configure filter parameters as well as choice of action.

An open API to its preprocessor is also available in IEMS5.1 to give third party developers a platform for building archiving agents, content filters, and other customized filter or gateway modules according to the needs of their respective systems. In fact, IEMS5.1's Attachment Removal Filter Module is actually an open source module that was built using this new feature.

IEMS's Anti-virus Module can be run independently on a remote machine and made to function via the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) mechanism. This feature is useful in high traffic systems where it is necessary to run the anti-virus module on a dedicated remote machine to reduce CPU and file input/output loading of the pre-processor system.

IEMS5.1 can be downloaded at www.ima.com, and up to 2,000 15-user licenses can be obtained free of charge from the online registration system at http://www.ima.com/purchase/15user.html. This special offer will last until November 30, 2001.

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