October 25, 2001

Internet Exchange Messaging Server Open API provides dynamic tools for developers

Author: JT Smith

Ana Monsanto writes, With the release of the Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5.1, International Messaging Associates (IMA) announces new tools to spark the interest of users and software developers. The latest messaging solution rolled out by IMA supports a C/C++ Message Queue Application Programming Interface (MQAPI). In order to benefit both users and software developers, IMA is also offering free 15-user permanent licenses for a limited time.
IEMS is an open-architecture, fully featured messaging system that conforms to Internet standards. It guaranties smooth and reliable transmission of messages over the Internet. At the heart of IEMS are a number of components working together to submit and retrieve messages to and from the Message Queue. By opening the MQAPI, third party developers are now given the tools to create new solutions that enhance functionality of the messaging server. The open MQAPI provides them with the essential tools that allow the creation of archiving agents, content filters, gateway modules, and more.
"This presents a significant opportunity for developers to create solutions that will immensely benefit the users", said IMA's President Tim Kehres. "Using this API, programmers can easily develop messaging applications that add new functionality and security", he added further.
Messages arriving to the IEMS MTA enter via various input channels, such as SMTP, Distribution Lists, gateways, and others. Messages submitted to these channels are placed in their respective input queues in the Message Queue Server. Once submitted, a lookup is performed to determine the address and the appropriate output channels needed so that the proper routing information can be created. Preprocessor operations such as virus scanning, spam checks and disclaimer insertion are then performed. The Open MQAPI provides software developers with the ability to develop additional preprocessor application modules.IMA designed the Attachment Removal Filter module as an example for IEMS5.1, and is releasing it as open source to demonstrate to developers how to effectively utilize the new API.
The Attachment Removal Filter Module of IEMS5.1 is a preprocessor plug-in capable of stripping messages of file attachments that are deemed to be undesirable, or potentially carrying viruses. The module checks the type of email attachment against file types that have been configured by the administrator. If the type is an unwelcome one, IEMS automatically deletes the attachment and sends a notification message to the postmaster. IEMS5.1 provides a user-friendly interface for systems administrators to configure filter parameters and choice of action. Both inbound and outbound messages could undergo the same address resolution, expansion and processing.
IEMS 5.1 is available in both the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Support for HP-UX and Solaris will also be available by the end of this month. IEMS5.1 can be downloaded at http://www.ima.com/download/free15user.html and up to 2,000 15-user licenses can be obtained free of charge from the online registration system at http://www.ima.com/purchase/15user.html. This special offer lasts until either November 30, 2001 or after 2,000 free licenses will have been issued, whichever comes first. Please visit http://www.ima.com/promotions/free_15_user_promo.h tml for additional details obout this offer.Sales and Marketing Contacts:
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