November 16, 2005

InterStructures DHCP Admin Console Linux Client

Guest writes "QCD Microsystems introduces the InterStructures DHCP Management Console Linux Client

New GUI Server Administration Platform makes Open Source Servers Easy to Use, requires no training.

New York, NY - Nov 16, 2005 - QCD Microsystems today announced the release of its InterStructures DHCP Management Console Linux Client built on the Eclipse platform. This full featured client enables configuration and management of Linux DHCP servers from an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface). InterStructures DHCP Linux client minimizes the need to use the command line interface (CLI) for configuration and day to day management and extends the standard ISC DHCP server by giving it backup and restore capabilities. The management client can run on most versions of Red Hat and Suse. InterStructures DHCP Linux client comes with a simple RPM based installer.The InterStructures platform is the first of its kind enabling users to administer Linux Servers without the need for extensive training on Linux or Unix.

"Our philosophy has always been that in order for Open Source software to make significant inroads into core networking infrastructure, administration and day to day usage must be made easier. Our company mission is to turn a 15 step process into 4 steps. We have done this with our InterStructures MMC console and now we are doing the same with the client running on Linux" says David Finkelstein VP of Marketing at QCD.

Thousands of users have downloaded the InterStructures MMC Management Console and are enjoying the benefits of easy configuration and management of open source.

About QCD Microsystems
QCD Microsystems is a New York City based software developer and technology services company founded in 1999.
QCD develops software and provides services that enable the easy use and integration of open source software systems.

For Additional Information Contact:
David Finkelstein
QCD Microsystems


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