December 14, 2005

InterStructures introduces Samba PDC w/ Open LDAP

David Finkelstein writes "QCD Microsystems introduces the InterStructures Samba PDC with Open LDAP backend
New GUI Admin tool easily enables users to adopt a complete Samba Open Source based Domain Controller.

New York, NY - Dec 13, 2005 – QCD Microsystems today announced the availability of its InterStructures Samba PDC with Open LDAP backend Domain Controller solution. This module combines the security of Linux with the ease of use familiar to InterStructures users. It has an MMC front-end which runs on Windows making the transition to Linux very easy. All Windows clients from Windows 95 to Windows XP are supported. The domain controller can support very large user bases, up to tens of thousands of users. You can create users, groups, set account policies, roaming profiles and more. Currently supported operating systems are RHEL 4, Fedora Core 4, Suse 9.x (Enterprise and Professional). Other OS support is coming soon.

"We believe this release will easily enable Small and Medium Business (SMB) to use Open Source Samba and LDAP as their Domain Controller solution. By making the management of the PDC and transition simple, businesses can now easily switch from Windows to an Open Source PDC solution" says David Finkelstein VP of Marketing at QCD.

“The German and European market is a eager for a product like InterStructures which now enables firms to easily adopt LDAP, Samba and Open Source for use as a primary domain controller. Interest in the product has been great” says Bernd Zchimbang of Kuk/Contra 3000

Thousands of users have downloaded the InterStructures MMC Management Console and are enjoying the benefits of easy configuration and management of open source.

About QCD Microsystems
QCD Microsystems is a New York City based software developer and technology services company founded in 1999. QCD develops software and provides services that enable the easy use and integration of open source software systems.

For Additional Information Contact:
David Finkelstein
QCD Microsystems
davidf@interstructures .com


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