August 2, 2003

Interview with Andy Robinson

jleveille writes "
Andy Robinson relates to high school kids that are bright, but don't get good grades. He understands the feeling of not fitting in, not getting along in the system, and not knowing where you're going to end up. His parents signed him up for some college computer classes and his life changed. ââ¬ÅNot all at once,ââ¬? he said in a phone interview with ââ¬ÅUntil then I never really had much of an interest in computers. It's ironic but I got into this computer program in 1979 or 1980, and all of a sudden it became sort of a passion for me.ââ¬?

Now Andy runs a successful information security consulting firm in Portland, Maine. He is helping other young people use their talents to do good, and for a good wage. Andy has started the first course for information security made specifically for high school kids."



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