May 28, 2002

Interview with BitKeeper author Larry McVoy

Jeremy Andrews writes: "KernelTrap has spoken with Larry McVoy, BitMover founder and primary BitKeeper author. BitKeeper, a distributed source control system, has been adopted by Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds and condemned by free software icon Richard Stallman.

In this interview, Larry looks back through the years, describing his exposure to computers and Linux. He also discusses the history of BitKeeper, from writing NSElite for Sun (which turned into their still used SCM, Teamware), to his desire to keep Linus from burning out, to the present day solution. The choice to not license BitKeeper under the GPL is also explained.

Larry discusses much beyond Bitkeeper as well, exploring some of his other interests. Find the full interview on KernelTrap."


  • Linux
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