August 11, 2009

Interview: Clutter maintainer Emmanuele Bassi

Article Source Moblin Zone

ebassi-big.jpgHenry Kingman -- Congratulations on the release of Clutter 1.0! Briefly, how and why did the project originate, how long has it been under development, and what is your role?

Emmanuele Bassi -- Thanks.

Clutter started in 2005, as a Research and Development project at OpenedHand. In the beginning, it was a canvas that Matthew [Allum] wrote for a media browsing application, but then he split it into its own library for building user interfaces with hardware acceleration. I started working on it a month or so after I was hired by OpenedHand, in May 2006; one of my first contributions was the review of the API in order to write the Python bindings. Then I started implementing new features on the high level API, to make it fit with the rest of the GNOME platform and to make it easy to use with languages like Perl and Python. During these three years I did a bit of everything, including writing documentation and making releases; in October 2008, right after the acquisition of OpenedHand by Intel, I was responsible for the 0.9 development cycle that culminated in the 1.0 release...

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