July 29, 2003

Interview with Klaus Knopper - the creator of KNOPPIX Linux

Developed by Klaus Knopper in Germany, it is safe to say that Debian-based Knoppix has raised the bar of standards to a new level, especially with its
automatic hardware detection that puts many well established commercial Linux distributions to shame. Its hands-free booting, enormous selection of
software, its on-the-fly decompression technique and the ability to install it on a hard disk have turned Knoppix into an indispensable tool. It can
be used as a rescue disk, a tool to demonstrate Linux to those who haven't seen it or a tool to test a new computer before purchase. It can even be
used as a full-blown Linux distribution for every-day tasks. I had the pleasure of interviewing Klaus Knopper personally yesterday and wanted to share
his insight with everyone here.

Link: pctechtalk.com


  • Linux
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