June 22, 2005

An interview with Linus Torvalds

Anonymous Reader writes "Good Morning Silicon Valley just posted a great interview with Linus. In it, Linus talks about the future of proprietary software models and Microsoft. An Excerpt: "I don't see the MS market going away very fast, and I don't see why MS couldn't continue to function as a software company even if they don't control the commodity market any more. In many ways I think MS is in the same situation that IBM was in two decades ago, losing control of the basic market -- and thus the dominance of the market -- but not necessarily going away or even necessarily shrinking. I think the really interesting question is what happens to their profit margins. It's almost all profit for them right now. I don't think that's sustainable in any market, and yes, I believe that open source is one of the things that will "correct" the software market."
Full interview here: http://blogs.siliconvalley.com/gmsv/2005/06/an_int erview_wi.html"

Link: blogs.siliconvalley.com


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