January 27, 2004

Interview with Novell's Bruce Lowry

Chuck Talk writes "This week, OrangeCrate is pleased to present an interview with Bruce Lowry, Director of Public Relations for Novell. I wish to thank Bruce for taking the time to answer my questions and provide us with an insight into Novells future directions. Now, I present to you this brief but hopefully insightful interview with Bruce Lowry.

OC Editor: Novell has made significant moves in the Free and Open Source software market this past year. It looks like 2004 will be a chance for Novell to join in with the community and develop powerful solutions for the GNU/Linux operating system. What do you see as the most important goal for Novell to execute upon this year?

Bruce Lowry: "Novell has moved into the Linux space with the stated goal of trying to remove barriers to the enterprise adoption of Linux. Were a 20-year enterprise software player. Thats the space that we know. SuSE and Ximian give Novell great Linux solutions that exist today. We are trying to marry our enterprise expertise and experience with their Linux expertise.

The biggest goal for Novell this year is making that objective real by delivering compelling enterprise Linux offerings. That clearly has a technology component integrating the best pieces of Novell, SuSE and Ximian technologies into services on Linux that companies both want and need."

Link: orangecrate.com


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