January 16, 2001

Interview questions for Linux Conference Australia

Author: JT Smith

Netsnipe writes "In a few days time, DebianPlanet will be covering Linux Conference Australia (LCA) being hosted at the University of New South Wales by Linux Australia from January 17-20 in Sydney. The timing of this year's LCA has been coincidentally close to the release of the 2.4 Linux kernel two weeks ago and it is the first major gathering of important Linux developers of the year including Alan Cox. In the spirit of the Debian project, we at DebianPlanet want to make our interviewing process as open as the Debian distribution is with its own reporting and processes. To further this aim we are inviting people to submit their own questions to our interviewees and share a major opportunity to learn where the Linux community is heading towards. Our question submission system is now open to all at http://lca.debianplanet.orgLCA will play host to speeches and presentations by the who's who of the Linux development community, including Alan Cox and Dave Miller (Linux's lead network code developer) who are key noting the conference. Other developers who have played a major role in 2.4 such as the firewall code (Rusty Russell), and DRI (Gareth Hughes) will also be a few among the many speaking about the major changes made in 2.4 as well as flaws that need to be addressed in 2.5. New features that will appear in the coming year will be presented by other speakers such as the Tux2 filesystem, improvements in hardware accelerated X, the IA64 platform and zero-copy networking."


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