January 29, 2002

Interview with Robert Watson of FreeBSD

Author: JT Smith

Eugenia writes, "Robert Watson is a member of the FreeBSD Project's core and security-officer teams, and founder of the TrustedBSD Project. For his day job, he is a Research Scientist in the network security research group at NAI Labs, studying operating and network security issues. His primary contributions on the FreeBSD Project come in the form of security enhancements to the system; the TrustedBSD feature set arriving in FreeBSD 5.0 will include file system access control lists, mandatory access control, and support for fine-grained privileges. Read the interview with Robert at OSNews. Robert is talking about both about the soon to be released FreeBSD 4.5 and 5.0-CURRENT, the Linux advancements lately and more."


  • Unix
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