July 7, 2001

Interview with Shawn Gordon, President/CEO of theKompany

Author: JT Smith

Craig writes, "The wide spread adoption of Linux on the desktop depends on many different factors. Like pieces of a puzzle fitting together and the whole being greater than anyone piece. One of those pieces is Shawn Gorton of The Kompany. A lot of press over the last 8 or so months has been given to the folks at Ximian who have given us Redcarpet and Evolution. Well the folks on the kde side of the trench haven't been exactly dormant. The Kompany has been busy bring some very needed applications to the desktop. A few of the wider known choices are Aethera, Kapital, and Kivio. When the dust settles and Linux's desktop postion is realized, we will come too see that The Kompany was a very large piece of that puzzle. You can find the rest here at GUI-Lords.org."


  • Open Source
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