Interview: Simplifying HPC with the IBM Very Large Memory Appliance


IBM recently rolled out what they are calling a Very Large Memory Appliance based on ScaleMP software. To learn more, I caught up with ScaleMP’s CEO, Shai Fultheim.

insideHPC: What is the IBM Very Large Memory Appliance and what is the problem it is designed to solve?

Shai Fultheim: IBM is addressing environments and applications where a user needs Terabytes of main memory to quickly gain insight into very large datasets for analytics, genome assembly, or transactional data. Some would call it Big Data – but this term is too confusing. The IBM Very Large Memory Appliance delivers up to 7.5 TB in a single system, ready to go. There is no need for complicated programming, administration or management in order to get access to very large memory requirements. The details can be found at

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