June 6, 2006

An Interview with StarOffice's Erwin Tenhumberg

Andy Updegrove writes "In this third interview in a continuing series, I interview Sun's Erwin Tenhumberg, in order to compare StarOffice 2.0 with the other leading software productivity suites that support ODF (previous interviews have focused on KOffice and OpenOffice). As in the previous interviews, Tenhumberg answers the same set of questions, intended to showcase the strong (and the weak) points of his product in comparison to its competitors, in order to showcase the rich and varied ecosystem of products that is growing up to support ODF. And, as before, he also answers a second set of questions tailored to bring out what's unique about his product, and how it came about (this interview is particularly informative on accessibility issues). Next up: IBM's Workplace Managed Client."

Link: ConsortiumInfo.org

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