February 20, 2004

Interview with Vincenzo Ciaglia, Founder of Netwosix

Anonymous Reader writes "In this article, a brief introduction of Netwosix is given and the project founder Vincenzo Ciaglia is interviewed.
Netwosix is light Linux distribution for system administrators and advanced users.


One of the latest additions to the Linux security community is the Netwosix project. The first public release was made available this year on January 31st. Netwosix is a light distribution intended for system administrators and other advanced users. It is based on the 2.6.1 Linux kernel and includes GCC 3.3.2. It also includes a diverse range of security tools that may be useful to a pentester or paranoid system administrator.
On of the best things about the Netwosix project is the enthusiasm of the founder. It will not take you long to realize that Vincenzo Ciaglia certainly loves what he is doing, and is making a valiant effort to contribute to the community. It would be great if more people exhibited his passion to contribute to open source security.

Another interesting aspect about this project is that Vincenzo has written his own package manager. He calls it Nepote and gives a description later in the interview."

Link: linuxsecurity.com


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