May 3, 2004

An Interview with Zack Urlocker, MySQL AB

Chuck Talk writes "OrangeCrate is pleased to present an interview with Zack Urlocker, Vice President, Marketing for MySQL AB.

OC Editor: I have been a fan of MySQL for some time, and have watched it grow from an idea into a very successful company. There are many new things coming out of MySQL these days, so I was wondering if I could ask you about them. Before we get to that though, I was wondering if you could tell my audience about your role at the company?

Zack Urlocker: I joined MySQL about six months ago as VP Marketing. The company had done very well without marketing, but the founders wanted to increase the awareness and make sure we got the word out to a larger audience. I've done a lot of technical marketing at companies like Borland and webMethods, so I was excited to join the team. We just had our second users conference in Orlando, and we've announced new products like MySQL Administrator and MySQL Cluster. We're getting a lot of visibility with what some of our customers like Yahoo, Sabre and others are doing. It's been busy, but a lot of fun."


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