Interview: Zanata, an open source translation platform


Zanata is an open source translation platform written in Java that offers translation memory, an online translation editor, and workflow integration with REST APIs and command-line tools. For translators, it is a web browser-based translation environment where previous translations provide context for their work. For software developers, it’s an integration tool that provides a centralized localization repository along with translation tools that save time and resources.

Product Manager, Runa Bhattacharjee and Lead Developer, Sean Flanigan, have more to say in this interview.

Why is Zanata needed and who is it for?

Runa Bhattacharjee (RB): The primary motivation for this project was to set up a tool that would provide a uniform translation platform with rich features and takes out the hassles of having to learn a million tools to work with. Translation, especially technical translation, can be extremely tricky because of the new kind of content and technology involved and may sometimes require a lot of research by the translators. In these situations, translators often do not like to have to work with tools that take their concentration away from the core part of their work. Translation tools like Zanata provide that abstraction…Read more at