Introducing Fastify, a Speedy Node.js Web Framework


The following is a contributed article from Node.js core technical committee member Matteo Collina, summarizing the talk he will give at the Node.js Interactive conference, to be held Oct. 4 – 6 in Vancouver. 

Why have we written yet another web framework for Node.js? I am committed to making the Node.jsplatform faster, more stable and more scalable. In 2016, myself and David Mark Clements started Pino, which was designed to be the fastest logger for Node.js, and it now has four active maintainers and an ecosystem of hundreds of modules.

Fastify is a new web framework inspired by HapiRestify and Express. Fastify is built as a general-purpose web framework, but it shines when building extremely fast HTTP APIs that use JSON as the data format. These are extremely common in both web and mobile software architectures, so Fastify could improve the throughput of the majority of applications.

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