Introducing Fn: “Serverless Must Be Open, Community-Driven, and Cloud-Neutral”


Fn, a new serverless open source project was announced at this year’s JavaOne. There’s no risk of cloud lock-in and you can write functions in your favorite programming language. “You can make anything, including existing libraries, into a function by packaging it in a Docker container.” We invited Bob Quillin, VP for the Oracle Container Group to talk about Fn, its best features, next milestones and more.

JAXenter: Oracle’s Mike Lehmann told us recently that “Oracle sees serverless as a natural next step from where the industry has gone from app server-centric models to containers and microservices and more recently with serverless.” At JavaOne 2017, Mark Cavage discussed Java’s pervasiveness in the cloud and the need to support container-centric microservices and serverless architectures. Why the sudden interest in serverless?

Bob Quillin: Developer efficiency, economics, and ease of use will drive serverless forward.  We believe serverless technology will drive a new, more efficient economic model – for both development teams and cloud providers while making a developer’s life that much easier.  

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