February 7, 2001

Introducing ODS Linux.com

Author: JT Smith

ODS Linux is a company that wishes to service the Linux operating system. It plans to begin with the preconfiguration of Debian Linux (others will be added soon). ODS intends to not only do this in an efficient and visually pleasing fashion, but also with a conscience. The company plans to contribute a portion of every sale to 2 separate funds. The first will go to the development of open source software. The second will go to various charitable organizations. All decisions regarding how and to who these funds will be allocated, will be made through a diplomatic voting process, decided by the people who have contributed by purchasing the ODS Linux service.


ODS Linux takes some of the fear and repetition out of installing Linux. The service of preconfiguration makes the Linux installation process easier. It saves time and informs as you are guided through the necessary steps to successfully configure Linux.

Through the use of our unique and familiar web GUI (modeled after a Gnome environment), users can preconfigure a Debian Linux distribution for their pre-existing systems. Users specify what hardware they have, and what software they want. These selections a stored permanently in our database and can be manipulated and changed at the clients discretion (24-7). The client matches the hardware and software configuration they wish to purchase. A package consisting of a custom boot floppy, manuals, and software CDs is then shipped.
When the package is received, the user first powers up the PC, simply inserts the custom floppy and source CD, and installation begins.

The only input required by the end user during installation is partition information, passwords and network settings.


A user interface, built primarily with flash, features may tools to aid the preconfiguration of Debian Linux.

Why did we use flash? Simply because the technology opened up possibilities and behaviors that could not be achieved or would require excessive amounts of coding with standard html and dhtml pages. This also made it possible to mimic a graphic user interface.

The step by step process is catered to both newbie and power users.

Newbies will appreciate the hand holding throughout the typically intimidating process of setting up Linux for their needs. Decisions are easily made from the website's extensive resources, that include searchable man files, how-to's and external links. Our mascot (Leaphy) even doubles as an interactive Q&A search engine.

Power users have commented that they find the site efficient, and the "hand-holding" not too intrusive during their sessions.


To view more about the company and to take the flash WebGUI for a spin, please visit......

contact rfc@opendoorsoftware.com

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