January 27, 2003

Introducing ServerBeach and the PersonalServer

SAN ANTONIO - ServerBeach, a discount dedicated hosting
company, is a new alternative for technology hobbyists seeking the
flexibility and reliability of dedicated servers without the high cost.

Starting at $99, ServerBeach offers its PersonalServerT built on quality
hardware and a reliable network. The company was launched today by
Rackspace Managed Hosting founder,
Richard Yoo, who had a vision of a basic, yet powerful server offering
at an unbeatable price.

"As founder of Rackspace, I've helped thousands of companies around the
world deploy mission-critical applications based on robust
infrastructure, custom server architecture and fully managed services.
Over the past few years I've been approached by many colleagues looking
for a credible and low-priced dedicated server option for the active
technology enthusiast, just like me," said Richard Yoo, Big Kahuna,
ServerBeach. "Without a viable option in the marketplace, I set out to
create a new dedicated server company, offering personal servers at a
low price point. ServerBeach PersonalServers will enable customers to
manage their very own server for any number of uses including web host
reselling, photo galleries, development projects, gaming, web logging,
email, file servers, backup and monitoring or just tinkering."

For only $99, ServerBeach offers its PersonalServer running on Red HatR
LinuxR with 400GB bandwidth, full root access and a 24-hour hardware
replacement guarantee. And, for a limited time, ServerBeach is offering
a WindowsR 2000 Server, complete with EnsimR for the same price.

ServerBeach delivers more than has ever been offered in the $99 price
range, with a profitable business model - the key to long term company
stability. Unlike other hosters offering low price points, ServerBeach
is truly different. This is why:

. Reliable Network with Unlimited Bandwidth --
ServerBeach is
built on a carrier-grade network utilizing only Tier 1 bandwidth
providers. The company backs its network with a 99.9 percent guarantee
and service level agreement. Additionally, ServerBeach offers 400 GB of
bandwidth to its customers, burstable to unlimited usage when needed.

. Support you can count on -- ServerBeach delivers top-notch
customer support and fast response times 24/7 through its online
ticketing system. To keep costs low, ServerBeach customer support is not
included in the monthly server fee (after initial set up assistance) and
is available on a
pay-as-you-go basis. Additionally, ServerBeach offers a 24-hour hardware
replacement guarantee, at no extra cost to the customer.

. Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000 Servers - In addition to
low-price Linux servers, ServerBeach is the very first company to offer
discount Windows servers to the technology hobbyist. Traditionally, the
discount dedicated server has been home only to the Linux user. Now,
with ServerBeach, Windows developers have a low cost option for personal

. Company Stability and Credibility - Automation is the key to
ServerBeach's long-term business model. The company's proprietary engine
is designed to keep human hands off the machines, so errors and
personnel costs are low, while scaling is limitless. And, ServerBeach is
funded by Rackspace, the world's leading managed hosting company. This
affiliation provides ServerBeach with stability and guidance, and also
opens doors to great partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Plesk
and Ensim.

"Although discount dedicated hosting options have been available for
some time, they are often based on shoddy networks and provide poor
control tools," added Yoo. "ServerBeach is built on a CiscoR powered
network and multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers guarded by premium
network security. Where else can you get discount servers done right for
only $99 per month?"

About ServerBeach -
Created by Rackspace Managed Hosting Founder, Richard Yoo, ServerBeach
offers discount dedicated PersonalServers at the lowest price point
available. Make your getaway to ServerBeach for the best deal under the
sun. Visit the ServerBeach at www.serverbeach.com or call 800.741-9939.

Reader Contact Information:

ServerBeach, 5150 Broadway, #620, San Antonio, Texas 78209,
Tel: 1-800-741-9939




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