September 13, 2005

Introducing SiteForge Collaboration Software

John Luxford writes "Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - September 13, 2005 - Canadian content management vendor Simian
Systems Inc. ( release SiteForge - the most user-friendly open source
collaborative development platform available today. SiteForge helps open source developers
and distributed development teams centralize project development, source code access, issue
tracking, documentation, and product releases. What sets SiteForge apart from other,
comparable software project management tools such as SourceForge, or GForge is its ease-of-use and straightforward installation process.

"We aim to do for the collaborative development industry what SugarCRM is doing for customer
relationship management. That is, to reinvigorate the industry with the introduction of a modern,
high-quality open source solution," says John Luxford, President and Chief Developer of Simian
Systems. "With the growing need for open source and distributed development in more
industries, its time to make the tools of the trade available to everyone."

Highlights of SiteForge

Manage multiple projects organized by category

SiteForge allows for an unlimited number of projects to be created and managed within a single
copy, solving your software project management needs once and for all.

Straight-forward installation process

SiteForge is designed to get your new project website up and running fast.

User-friendly web-based interface

SiteForge provides an intuitive web-based user interface for all project management tasks.

CVS repository integration

SiteForge connects seamlessly with CVS, the most popular revision control system in the world,
and manages your repositories automatically.

Bug and issue tracking

SiteForge helps you keep track of your bugs, issues, feature requests, and more.

Project discussion forums

SiteForge keeps you and your user community connected through a searchable archive of
support questions and answers.

Documentation management

SiteForge provides an integrated documentation area for each project. This allows easy access
to key information such as installation and troubleshooting help.

Release download management

SiteForge allows you to publish new software releases to your software projects in just a few
clicks. Downloads can also include related media such as PDFs or demo videos.

Project and site-wide news

SiteForge helps you keep your user-base informed of project news, and helps promote
individual projects within your SiteForge-powered community.

Visitor and download statistics

SiteForge allows you to track the popularity of your projects by recording visitors and number of

RSS feeds to track project news and issues

SiteForge provides RSS access to all relevant aspects of your projects, including news, issues,
and forum threads.


SiteForge features simple cross-referencing across all aspects of a project, including
documentation, bugs, forum posts, and news. This helps you keep related information linked

Based on a stable, proven open source platform

SiteForge is based on the Sitellite open source content management platform, which provides
advanced features such as user access control, page editing, search engine, and more.


SiteForge is available for download at Installation and
technical support services are also available.

For more information about the SiteForge Collaborative Development Platform contact:

Jarrett Storey

Director of Communications

Simian Systems

1071 Corydon Ave

Winnipeg, MB


Simian Systems ( is a Canadian content management vendor, whose flagship is
the Sitellite Content Management System (CMS), an easy-to-use and powerful CMS written in
PHP. Simian Systems provides local and international companies with innovative PHP-based
content management and web-based software solutions.

Simian Systems, SiteForge, and Sitellite are trademarks of Simian Systems Inc. All other
product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners."


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