Introducing Three Python Web Frameworks

Article Source Linux Journal
May 27, 2009, 9:29 am

Take a quick look at three Web framework technologies from the Python community.

What with all the hoopla surrounding Ruby on Rails, aspiring Web application programmers should be forgiven for assuming that Rails is the only way to go when building their next great Web app. But, Rails is not the only game in town, and Ruby is not the only language worth considering in this very active area. Perl has a large and growing collection of Web frameworks, including Maypole, Catalyst, Jifty and Gantry (to name a few). Even in the Ruby space, the list of technologies is growing to include Merb, Camping, Nitro/Og and Ramaze. And, let’s not forget some of the projects from the world’s favorite Web templating language, PHP: Zoop, Jelix, Cake and Biscuit…