An Introduction to the GNU Core Utilities


Two sets of utilities—the GNU Core Utilities and util-linux—comprise many of the Linux system administrator’s most basic and regularly used tools. Their basic functions allow sysadmins to perform many of the tasks required to administer a Linux computer, including management and manipulation of text files, directories, data streams, storage media, process controls, filesystems, and much more….

These tools are indispensable because, without them, it is impossible to accomplish any useful work on a Unix or Linux computer. Given their importance, let’s examine them…

You can learn about all the individual programs that comprise the GNU Utilities by entering the command info coreutils at a terminal command line. The following list of the core utilities is part of that info page. The utilities are grouped by function to make specific ones easier to find; in the terminal, highlight the group you want more information on and press the Enter key.