March 9, 2017

Introduction to gRPC

The hot new buzz in tech is gRPC.  It is a super-fast, super-efficient Remote Procedure Call (RPC) system that will make your microservices talk to each other at lightspeed, or at least that’s what people say.  So this article will take a quick look at what it is, and how or when it can fit into your services.

What is gRPC

gRPC is a RPC platform developed by Google which was announced and made open source  in late Feb 2015.  The letters “gRPC” are a recursive acronym which means, gRPC Remote Procedure Call.

gRPC has two parts, the gRPC protocol, and the data serialization. By default gRPC utilizes Protobuf for serialization, but it is pluggable with any form of serialization you wish to use, with some caveats, which I will get to later.

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