May 28, 2014

Introduction to MonoTizen

Kitsilano Software are bringing C# to Tizen, in the form of the MonoTizen project. The MonoTizen project aims to replicate the delightful development experience which Xamarin have delivered to mobile developers with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, but with a Tizen-flavored twist to the pricing model and host platform focus. Much of the initial promise of Tizen lies in developing markets. That focus doesn’t just apply to the target customer base – it applies to the developer base too. We want MonoTizen to bring the productivity of C# to Tizen, but without the burden of licensing costs which are prohibitive to customers in developing markets. iPhone development is the worst example of this developed-world-oriented pricing model. To develop an iPhone app you need a Mac. The cheapest Mac is the Mac Mini, which starts at $599.

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