October 26, 2005

Inversoft release IAP Specification

Brian Pontarelli writes "New free and open web technology from Inversoft aims to revolutionize applications on the web.

Boulder, CO – Inversoft LLC has released the initial specification of a new internet protocol called IAP – The Internet Application Protocol™. IAP is a replacement for HTTP, the decade’s old technology used to interact with internet websites. IAP allows internet developers to create much richer and more powerful applications for the web. Additionally, IAP provides many capabilities that HTTP lacks such as parental ratings for web applications. IAP also removes the insecurity of HTTP by dictating that all communications must be secure.

The IAP – Internet Application Protocol™ specification is being released as a free and
open document allowing anyone to implement and use IAP – Internet Application Protocol™ without cost or royalties. Inversoft plans to form a committee to manage changes and enhancements to the specification allowing future directions for the
technology to be decided by the community that uses the technology.

The IAP – Internet Application Protocol™ specification can be downloaded or browsed online at the Inversoft website. Inversoft is also accepting comments and recommendations for the final release of the specification, which will be titled “IAP – Internet Application Protocol™ Specification Version 1.0”.

In a concurrent effort, Inversoft is beginning initial work on a new internet language to be used in conjunction with IAP. This new language, named IAPL – The Internet Application Language™, and will work in conjunction with IAP – Internet Application Protocol™ to provide users with the best possible web experience and internet developers the flexibility and power to build next generation web applications. The initial version of the IAPL – Internet Application Language™ specification is expected to be released Q3 2006 while the final version of the IAP – Internet Application Protocol™ specification is expected Q4 2005."

Link: inversoft.com

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