June 12, 2008

Invigorating GNOME

There has been some discussion recently about the future of GNOME. I have seen this blogged on Planet GNOME, on the LugRadio Forums, discussed in corridors and elsewhere. Although I am an ardent supporter and fanboy around GNOME, and I love the desktop for its simplicity and eleganceââ¬Â¦GNOME has become the software equivalent of my dadââ¬â¢s comfortable trousers - predictable and reliable, but has ceased to be exciting and innovative in new, innovative, visual, inspirational ways. I accept this metaphor only partially applies to the aforementioned fatherââ¬â¢s trousers. This is not to say that GNOME is not innovating - GNOME is filled to the brim with tiny little niceties, but it seems that the time for tiny little niceties needs to give way to a new, exciting vision that takes into account the changes since GNOME 2.0 in the online and offline world, in interaction, social networking and the typical things people do with computers

Link: jonobacon.org


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