June 23, 2004

ION® World's First Linux to Run All Windows Apps

Jason Spisak writes "ION® Claims the Prize as the First Linux OS Compatible with ALL Windows
95/98/Me Applications Out of the Box


Element Computer, the company that created the world's first sub-$1000 tablet PC, has surmounted the final barrier for Linux adoption on the desktop by mainstream business. ION^® OS claims the prize for being the first Linux desktop to run ALL Windows^® ^1 executables at native of faster speeds using their new WinLauncher^TM technology powered by Win4Lin from Netraverse. As of July 1st, all Element Computer laptops, tablets, and PCs will become WinEnabled^TM , and allow users to copy and paste between Linux and Windows applications on the same desktop, combined with filesystem integration and common My Documents, drives and printers. To learn more about the revolutionary ION OS sold only pre-installed on Element Computers, visit http://www.elementcomputer.com/"

Link: elementcomputer.com

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