October 2, 2001

iPAQ on Linux

Author: JT Smith

LinuxJournal's John Biggs paid a visit to Compaq's Research Laboratory in Cambridge, Mass. in the hopes that they could bring back his iPAQ from the dead. What is the iPAQ, you ask? Biggs: "
The iPAQ is Compaq's latest foray into the world of handheld computing. In a welcome departure from most major OEM's attitudes, Compaq is embracing the
open-source model in hopes of creating a truly pervasive computing platform. The 3650 model has a 240 x 320 pixel color screen and a 206 MHz Intel
StrongARM 32-bit processor that can be upgraded by using a set of cradles that hold compact Flash or PCMCIA cards." Yes, there's Linux inside.


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