October 2, 2006

IPv6- Deploying the Future Infrastructure

Ciprian Popoviciu writes "IPv6, the Next Generation of the Internet Protocol, has seen over the past three years tremendous activity related to its development, implementation and deployment. Its importance is unequivocally recognized by research organizations, businesses and governments worldwide. To maintain global competitiveness, governments are mandating, encouraging or actively supporting the adoption of IPv6 to prepare their respective economies for the future communication infrastructures. In the United States, government’s plans to migrate to IPv6 has stimulated significant interest in the technology and accelerated the adoption process. Business organizations are also increasingly mindful of the IPv4 address space depletion and see within IPv6 a way to solve pressing technical problems. At the same time IPv6 technology continues to evolve beyond IPv4 capabilities. Communications equipment manufacturers and applications developers are actively integrating IPv6 in their products based on market demands.

IPv6 creates opportunities for new and more scalable IP based services while representing a fertile and growing area of research and technology innovation. The efforts of successful research projects, progressive service providers deploying IPv6 services and enterprises led to a significant body of knowledge and expertise. It is the goal of this workshop to facilitate the dissemination and exchange of technology and deployment related information, to provide a forum where academia and industry can share ideas and experiences in this field that could accelerate the adoption of IPv6. The workshop brings together IPv6 research and deployment experts that will share their work. The audience will hear the latest technological updates and will be provided with examples of successful IPv6 deployments; it will be offered an opportunity to learn what to expect from IPv6 and how to prepare for it.

We solicit both academic, research, and industrial contributions. The IPv6DFI 2007 Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society and posted on Xplore IEEE system. A best paper award will be granted by the IARIA’s award selection committee.

The IPv6DFI 2007 Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press and on-line via IEEE XPlore Digital Library. IEEE will index the papers with major indexes.

Important deadlines

Submission deadline December 20, 2006

Notification of acceptance January 30, 2007

Registration and camera ready February 15, 2007"

Link: iaria.org

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