December 7, 2005

IPv6: Is Now the Time?

Julie Miller writes "Berkeley, CA—December 6, 2005— With the exponential growth of internet services, IPv4, first released in 1981, is becoming outdated. The escalation of corporate intranets, cellular phones with internet access, technology webcasts and file sharing have taken their toll, and there is a need for a greater number of IP addresses. Running IPv6 leverages readers’ existing knowledge of IPv4 and helps apply that knowledge to the newer protocol.

Highlights of Running IPv6:
• Practicality: Learn how to install and run IPv6 today.
• Usability: Find out about host configuration, routing, DNS, and more.
• Variety: View similar examples for different operating systems, illustrating OS-specific IPv6 idiosyncrasies.

According to author Iljitsch van Beijnum, “The intent behind the book is to present a clear view of the aspects to IPv6 that are of interest to those who’ll be running and administrating the protocol, not to bombard the reader with unnecessary details. This means that the book covers the IPv6 specifications to the degree necessary to successfully operate an IPv6 network.”

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Apress Authors: The Expert’s Voice(TM)

ILJITSCH VAN BEIJNUM is a network consultant in The Hague, Netherlands. He first got interested in unusual network protocols in the early 1990s while working in a technical support job for the Dutch PTT. He left this job to go to college, but a few years later, he found himself in the emerging Internet Service Provider business. There he learned about system administration, IP networking, and especially routing. After starting a small ISP with four others in 1997 and working as a senior network engineer for UUNET Netherlands in 1999, he became a freelance consultant in 2000. Not long after that, he started contributing to the IETF multihoming in IPv6 working group and wrote a book about the Border Gateway Protocol. All the while, Iljitsch recently received his bachelor’s degree in information and communication technology at the Haagse Hogeschool.


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Running IPv6

Iljitsch van Beijnum

Published November 21, 2005 | ISBN: 1-59059-527-0 | $ 44.99 US, 288 pages



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