September 13, 2003

Iran's First GNU/Linux Seminar

Aryan Ameri writes: Iran's first GNU/Linux seminar will be held on September 16 at the University of Tehran (UT). It is the result of a joint collaboration between! and LIGLUG, TalareWeb.Com and University of Tehran. It was first scheduled to be a simple installfest but very soon it became apparent that there was space and need to do more.

The seminar will host two GNU/Linux installations (SuSE and Debian) and will also incorporate some speeches about concepts and history of Open Source/Free Software and GNU/Linux. There will also be a speech (in English) about the importance of open standards; and probably another speech about the philosophy behind Open Source/Free Software. An introduction to FarsiKDE (The localized version of KDE in Farsi) and Shabdix, Iran's first GNU/linux distribution (a customized and localized version of Knoppix) will also be made. Hopefully a practical demonstration of functions and some applications of will also take place. Entrance is free for the public, and attendants can bring their own computers to install GNU/Linux on them.

Interested individuals can go here and sign up for the event. The seminar will start at 14:00 in the faculty of science of Tehran University, and will approximately take 5 hours. This event is sponsored by Chapar Shabdiz Ltd and Laico Corporation. If everything goes well, it is planned that a similar seminar take place every six months.

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