January 5, 2004

Irish Free Software Organisation (IFSO) lauches

Ciaran O'Riordan writes

"January 5th 2004, Irish Free Software
Organisation (IFSO)
is launched. Since June 2003, members of the fsfe-ie mailing
list have been collaborating on issues such as software patents,
and the European
Copyright Directive
. IFSO has been in the planning stage during this work.

With Ireland holding the presidency of the EU for the next six months,
political lobbying in Ireland will be of increased importance. The fate of
the software patentability directive is still undecided, and we now also have
the Intellectual Property Rights
Enforcement Directive
to deal with. We hope that IFSO has arrived just in time.

In the coming months, members of IFSO
also plan to work on spreading education and adoption of Free Software in
Ireland. Once we have a proven track record, we hope to become an associate
of FSF Europe."

Link: ifso.info


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