October 28, 2002

Irritation prompts engineer to write open-source tool

"Sikand developed the cdsp4 software, which links Cadence Design Systems Inc. tools to Perforce Software Inc.'s data management system, several years ago when he worked at Silicon Graphics Inc. He subsequently decided to offer the interface on an open-source basis. He is currently a member of technical staff at Matrix Semiconductor Inc., a maker of 3-D memory chips.

Sikand minced no words about the history of cdsp4 in a recent E-Mail Synopsys Users Group newsletter. "I have used DesignSync DFII from Synchronicity and found it to be one of the worst tools I have ever used in my life," he wrote. "In fact, it was so bad that I wrote my own interface while at SGI and subsequently open-sourced it."

Link: eeTimes


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