October 8, 2003

Issue-Tracker version 4 released

jeremy_hogan writes "Issue Tracker is a ticket tracking system written in PHP, with option of a PostgreSQL or MySQL (Only available in v4.0 and higher) backend. The system is designed to be very flexible and easy to use. The most common use is for help desk, or customer service, but we've seen sales folks able to track the sales cycle as well.

This is the system we use at Red Hat for enterprise support and services contracts.

The system is designed around a simple modular API that allows for dropping new modules right in place without any modification of the existing code. The base API includes many functions that allow module designers to save time and lines of code by using the existing functions built into the Issue Tracker core.

* Modular API
* MySQL & PostgreSQL support
* Unlimited groups
* Group and System Announcements
* Browser based
* Email Interface for pure email interact
* Theme system for easy interface customization
* File uploads
* Support for unauthenticated modules
* Report system for groups and individual users
* Statuses, Categories, and Products editable on per-group basis
* Definable permission set to create roles for users
* Template based for easy UI modifications (Smarty Template Engine)
* Group quotas, either issues or hours based
* Email and SMS alerts
* and much more

Check out the screenshots and demo at http://www.issue-tracker.com, or join the development at

Link: issue-tracker.com

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