December 16, 2004

IT Manager's Choice: GroundWork Monitor

Author: Julie Galla

IT Manager's Journal today starts a new occasional feature entitled Manager's Choice, which is basically a case study about a business or system solution that works well. We'll explain why it works, and why the IT manager selected it for his or her company.

For five generations, Rudolph and Sletten has constructed buildings that
have helped to define Silicon Valley in Northern California. The company is responsible for many of
the area's corporate campuses, and more recently it has stepped up to the
construction demands of the biotech, health care, and medical device
industries. Rudolph and Sletten projects include facilities for Kaiser
Permanente, City of Hope, the University of Southern California, Microsoft,
Sun Microsystems, and Veritas, as well as one-of-a-kind buildings like the
Monterey Bay Aquarium. Throughout the company's history, one thing has
remained constant: its rigorous attention to detail and commitment to the
highest quality.


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