August 25, 2006

The IT minister visits eZ to discuss Open Source

eZ systems writes "Skien, Norway – August 23, 2006 - Heidi Grande Røys, the Norwegian Minister of Government Administration and Reform, visited the eZ systems headquarters in Skien, Norway on August 23 to discuss Open Source software and technologies based on open standards.

Grande Røys and her team came to eZ systems to learn more about the company and its success in creating software based on the Enterprise Open Source model. eZ systems CEO Aleksander Farstad described eZ's experiences in deploying and promoting Open Source software in enterprise applications and building Open Source business models and communities.

Discussions included the use of Open Source software in the public sector and the importance of open standards in the public and governmental domains. Grande Røys pointed out that the Norwegian public sector has already adopted Open Source software in many areas, and that they are now investigating how they can accelerate the use of Open Source and open standards in the public sector. The commitment and technical understanding shown by the Minister and her team indicates that open technologies will become an increasingly integral part of Norway's public sector IT strategy.

To complement current and future initiatives in this area, Grande Røys said that they will use the information and feedback from eZ systems in shaping their strategy.

About eZ systems
eZ systems was founded in 1999 with one simple and pragmatic idea: people working together, sharing experiences and ideas, can accomplish great things. With this simple idea, eZ systems has grown into a vibrant corporation with a thriving ecosystem of users, partners, customers and the "eZ crew" team members. As a company, we number 75 people with headquarters in Norway and offices in Germany, Ukraine, Denmark, Canada and France. The eZ publish community has thousands of members all over the globe.

We support our vision with a business model that combines innovations from the Open Source software development world with proven strategies from traditional software enterprises. Working together with our community and our partners, we serve ventures world-wide, ranging from single-person web shops to multinational enterprises, from regional governments to global humanitarian organizations."


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