March 22, 2002

Italian Parliament speaks about Free Software

Francesco De Carlo writes "After Germany, France and a lot of other European countries, Italy tries to cut off proprietary solutions from its administrations.
On March 20th, with a Press Conference at Palazzo Madama (the Senate of Italy), Sen. Cortiana (Greens Federation) presented a proposal of law
regarding the introduction of Free Software in the public administration. As cited in the press release, this law will guarantee governative agencies and all public organizations freely accessing proprietary and free-software solutions for their IT needs, as would be in a full democracy.
It's the first time a State organism debates about Free Software (and Linux and OpenSource) in Italy, and there is a good possibility to pass this law, because of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (governative side) sponsorship of a document from an opposition party. followed this event and a complete report (in Italian) with integral proposal of law is available here (Italian)." Translate it to English with Babelfish.
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