ITMJ Notebook: Taking a good long look into the future of IT


Author: Chris Preimesberger

Being able to see the future … ah, what better talent could a person have? None that I can think of — excepting maybe the ability to bake the perfect apple pie.

By going back in time to 1955, Michael J. Fox knew about the future in “Back to the Future” (“Ronald Reagan is the president? So who’s vice president — Jerry Lewis?”). In a current television series, “Medium,” a psychic legal clerk solves crime cases through a sixth sense of visioning the past and future. In the feature film, “Frequency,” Dennis Quaid uses a quirky Aurora Borealis display as a cross-time link to talk to his son via ham radio 30 years in the future.

These are all showbiz looks at reading the future. Are there real real ways to know what’s going to happen? You bet.