It’s 2007 and Linux has arrived!

Guest writes “”Linux has arrived”…that may sound funny to those who have been using Gnu/Linux for a number of years. But it has finally graduated from a “kit car” with a manual transmission to a full blown production vehicle with automatic everything. If you want, you can still tinker around in the garage or build a custom hot rod as a hobby. But you can also kick back in your limo and enjoy the ride.

The first month of 2007 is nearly complete, but all the hoopla in the computer industry has not been not around the release of Microsoft’s Windows Vista. Instead several Gnu/Linux based desktop operating systems are outclassing the long time Desktop Giant, even before it’s officially released to the general public. In fact, Microsoft’s Windows Vista, may not even be in the top 5 by the time it’s available to the general public.”



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