November 3, 2005

ITTIA announces all-new embedded database: FUEL

ITTIA writes "November 2, 2005 - Bellevue, WA - Based on feedback from embedded developers worldwide, ITTIA is releasing the first beta of an all-new database for mobile and embedded systems. FUEL, which stands for "Flexible, Ultra-fast, Efficient and Lightweight," offers the flexibility and efficiency required by embedded systems and mobile devices.

While most databases had their genesis as a part of a particular development project, ITTIA built FUEL based on months of interviews with active mobile and embedded developers, and is tailoring continued development around continued feedback. The beta process emphasizes stability with gradual feature introductions. Successive releases will focus on the other aspects of FUEL, such as speed, flexibility and footprint size.

"Our engineers spent several months having one-on-one conversations with engineers and developers worldwide about what they wanted from an embedded database." said Sasan Montessori, president of ITTIA. "We are building FUEL to be the ideal database for embedded systems and mobile devices by using this feedback on a continuing basis."

FUEL has modern features including support for Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), Multi-Versioning Concurrency Control (MVCC), transaction support, hot backup support and support for whole-database encryption. Along with full ACID compliance, these features make FUEL robust, flexible and reliable enough to be used in most any application.

In FUEL, the entire database is stored within a single file with a portable data format. This makes development with FUEL really convenient, as the developer only needs to move that one file and can access it natively on both the development and production environment. FUEL is a cross-platform product, and source code will be available to ITTIA customers to allow for infinite customization.

ITTIA is offering flexible licensing arrangements for FUEL, with both a royalty-based and a royalty-free option. These options make FUEL a far superior value to any of its competitors.

ITTIA will hold its first three free one-hour webinars on the technical and business benefits of FUEL on Wednesday, November 16. There will be three sessions, one at 8AM PST (4PM UK, 5PM DE), one at 1:00PM PST, and one at 6PM PST.

For more information about FUEL, visit"


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