May 21, 2001

ITtoolbox: filling the IT information gap

Author: JT Smith

Donna Peterson writes: "Open IT Exchange (OpenITx), a global email-based support environment for IT and Business professionals has just completed a facelift.. OpenITx (>) groups allow professionals of all levels to network and share information with peers working with the same types of technology."As a free community support tool, OpenITx enables its users to receive help from other group members at no cost. ?Often, vendors of software and hardware only provide technical assistance to those that pay for the support,? commented Binh Do, a technical architect for Envisage Solutions in Irvine, CA who frequently uses OpenITx mail groups.

?Even those who pay for support can find it somewhat lacking, since tech support generally answers questions by pointing to answers on their website or somewhere in their bookshelf,? Doh said. ?Many times these references are not useful. ITtoolbox allows the subscribers access to thousands of other subscribers who can help them.?

Whether one is looking to find the best flavor of Unix, technical advice on implementing the newest version of SAP R/3, or comparing salaries between JAVA and VB programmers in the UK, OpenITx has a group that can help. Users range from beginners to seasoned professionals who have been in their fields for years, so discussion often covers a range of topics from novice to expert difficulty.

?I would definitely recommend OpenITx to people,? Swatee Jain said, senior configuration analyst for Siebel Systems Inc, in San Mateo, CA. ?When I first started using Siebel, my knowledge was pretty limited. It is only through participating in the OpenITx Siebel discussion group (Siebel: -L.asp>) that I found such in-depth knowledge about the product.?

?Every time I use the Siebel group, I come across something different, or see a new question that really made me think more about the extensive capability of the product,? Jain said.

?Providing IT Professionals with exactly the right information they are looking for at exactly the right time is what OpenITx is all about,? said Dan Morrison, ITtoolbox CEO and president. ?For tens-of-thousands of IT and business pros, OpenITx has become the place to turn to stay current, get answers, and share information.?

Discussion is archived on OpenITx, so solutions may be searched before asking a question to the group. Additionally, messages are screened by moderators to ensure conversation remains relevant to the topic. Examples of OpenITx?s groups can be seen by visiting any one of the following links:

OpenITx homepage:

Siebel: -L.asp

Oracle Databases:

webMethods: sp

CRM Software Selection:

(more than 600 additional groups are available at the OpenITx Web site)

All participation in OpenITx groups is completely free. To learn more about the community, please visit the following URL:> .

About OpenITx:

Similar to the Open Source movement, OpenITx promotes free and open access to a resource that is enhanced collectively by its users and beneficiaries by facilitating global collaboration among professionals about Information Technology products and practices. OpenITx does this through a comprehensive group of mail list groups covering all segments of the IT industry. OpenITx mail list groups store the results of technical conversation in a searchable online database. The end result is an unprecedented service, capable of significantly improving the way information is received, decisions are made, and tasks are accomplished.

About ITtoolbox:

Information Technology Toolbox, Inc. is a world leading, online information network for the IT industry. The company is an independent aggregator and distributor of highly focused information for specific multi-billion dollar segments of the IT industry. ITtoolbox network serves as a communication and collaboration tool for collective groups of IT and business professionals to solve problems related to purchasing implementation and support. ITtoolbox has offices in Pennsylvania, California, Florida and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The ITtoolbox network includes leading portals for Business Intelligence, C++, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Warehousing, E-Business, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), JAVA, Knowledge Management, Linux, Networking, Storage, Supply Chain Management, Unix, Visual Basic, Web Design, Wireless, Baan products, Oracle products, PeopleSoft products, SAP products, and Siebel products.

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